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Our Services

Credit Restoration

We send out customized letters to the credit bureaus to challenge the removal of negative items from your file and clean up your report.

We do 4 rounds per client. Each round takes 30-45 days to see updates and results.

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AirBnb Mentorship

Goal is to help FAST TRACK your success to get your first profitable unit in 90 days 

You'll be taught the 3 stages to help you acquire and scale your 1st AirBnb property from the ground up.

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Credit Building & Coaching

This is for clients who complete the repair process or those who don't have any negative remarks!

We offer two packages that will help you increase your score and add quality payment history without any headache!

Tradelines are available as well.

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Business Formation

We will create everything you need to setup your business for success.
LLC Creation, EIN, Business Address, Business Phone Number, & more!

Business Funding

680+ credit score, less than 30% utilization on all accounts, and no negative remarks.

Acquire $20,000-$250,000 in business funding from the banks and lenders.

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